Transitioning to School

At Brighton Primary we know the importance of preparing students for change. Our transition program helps them to understand what to expect as they progress from kindergarten to school, between year levels and from primary to secondary school.

To familiarise themselves with the school community, we encourage all our prospective Preps to attend a transition program towards the end of the year prior to starting school. This allows new students to experience the classroom and meet their teachers and peers. Once at school, our Preps enjoy their own small community with a separate building and play area, and an older buddy to ease their transition into the larger school community.

The transition process continues at each year level as students move through the school. We coordinate with local secondary schools to help our grade 6 students prepare for the next stage of their education.

2019 Prep families ensure your child is enrolled at Brighton Primary

and join us for our Transition program.  

Prep Transition dates and times:

Wednesday 6 November 9.15-10.30am

Wednesday 13 November 9.15-10.30am

Wednesday 20 November 9.15-10.30am

Orientation Day

Tuesday 10 December

 Please contact the school office on 9592 0177 for further information.