Prep Readiness

Readiness for the Prep Year

School readiness falls into a range of areas all of which are important in ensuring that your child has a positive start to their schooling. In addition to information below, parents are encouraged to view this site to learn more about Grade Prep at Brighton Primary School.

Physical development

The physical skills that children need include:

  • those that foster independence and self-reliance such as, eating, toileting and dressing
  • those that enable them to join in learning at school such as, hand/eye coordination and scissors skills

Social development

The social skills that children need include:prep-archie-ff-oliver-fd-ben-fa-2

  • sharing
  • waiting for their turn
  • being patient
  • cooperating with a range of people
  • helping others

Emotional development

The emotional skills that children need include:

  • being able to separate easily from their parent
  • maintaining self-control
  • taking responsibility for their actions and their belongings
  • being able to show resilience when things do not go the way they would like

Literacy development

The literacy skills that can be beneficial are being able to:

  • discuss a story that has been read to them
  • communicate their ideas and their needs so they can be easily understood
  • use their auditory memory to listen to and then follow an instruction
  • use the correct pencil grip in preparation for writing

Numeracy development

The numeracy skills that can be beneficial are being able to:

  • complete jigsaw puzzles as these are great for spatial awareness
  • use measurement language such as, ‘that Lego tower is taller than that one’
  • sing counting rhymes such as, ‘Fish Alive’ in preparation for counting