International School

international-school-elsa-sarahWe are proud to be accredited as an international school by the Council of International Schools. We have a large number of families from overseas. They enrich the life of our school with the sharing of their cultural background and international experiences. Our approach to learning English as a second language is inclusive and students stay in their regular classes.

When students arrive at Brighton Primary School from overseas, they may be eligible to attend the English language schools at Glenhuntly or Noble Park for an intensive 6 months program.  If families elect to send their child/ren to a language school, the students return to Brighton Primary School when they have completed the program.

At Brighton, the approach to learning English as a second language is inclusive and students learn in their regular classes.

Brighton is a large school and the Primary Years Program provides a content and concept based curriculum that is uniform across the world. It is governed by a rigorous set of Standards and Practices to ensure the quality of the program.

Brighton Primary School is a state government school and student progress is assessed against the outcomes of the Victorian Curriculum. They provide an effective assessment framework for student achievement in Primary Years Program.

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International Students attending brighton primary school