School Council

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Brighton Primary has a school council which is:

  • the governing body of the school
  • the focal point for decision making on school policy
  • a body whose membership reflects the partnership between students, teachers and parents

The school council provides the opportunity for parents’ of students to have input in the policy and planning for the school. The council consists of 12 members:

  • the Principal,
  • 7 elected parents, 3 elected staff
  • one co-opted member from the school community

The elected members for school council are:


President: Clara Robertson
Vice President: Geraldine Fina
Treasurer: Garrick Rollason
Convenor of Facilities: Elaine Kwok
Convenor of Education: Joel Snowden
Convenors of PR & Communications: Alicia Magee
Convenor of BPOSH Committee:: Sonya Branca
Convenor of Parents and Friends Community Committee: Danielle Johnston

DET Representatives:

Principal: Steve Meade
Assistant Principal: Sonya Branca
Assistant Principal: Joel Snowden

Voting for School Council

All parents and teachers are eligible to stand for School Council and to vote at elections. Elections are held annually, in February/March. Councillors can be elected for a one or two-year term.

The School Council holds an Annual General Meeting each year. All members of the school community are invited to attend.  This is an opportunity for parents who are interested in becoming members of a committee or the school council to obtain an overview of the operation of the school council. The Annual Report to the school community is presented at this meeting.

The School Committees are:

  • Finance Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Facilities Committee
  • Parents & Friends Community
  • PR and Communications Committee
  • BPOSH Committee

School Council welcomes your feedback.  Contact the School Council via: