School Profile

Our Vision

Brighton Primary School, a community of Critical thinkers, Interactive learners and Global Citizens.

Think, Act, Become


Our Mission

Brighton Primary School: As an internationally minded school, our reputation stands on honouring our history, focusing on the present and preparing for the future.  We believe that the growth of our children is at the heart of our community.

By focusing on the whole child, we facilitate a sense of belonging and achievement through powerful interactions with other learners and rich learning tasks.

Our school culture of shared responsibility and collaboration ensures that the Hearing Unit functions as an integral part of the school community, supporting students to fully access mainstream education.

We value our colleagues as reflective educators who are open to new ideas and focused on best practice as they educate our students to develop as critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

We are committed to highly effective learning and teaching which is built on relational trust.  We have positioned ourselves globally through our membership of Council of International Schools and authorisation by the IB to deliver the Primary Years Program and develop global citizens.

We invite you to join us.

Our Values 

The values embodied in the International Baccalaureate learner profile guide our community.

Learner Profile

        • inquirers,
        • knowledgeable,
        • thinkers,
        • communicators,
        • principled,
        • open-minded,
        • caring,
        • risk-takers,
        • balanced
        • reflective.

Brighton Primary School has an enrolment of 540 students, which includes 20 students with moderate to profound hearing loss enrolled in the regional Hearing Unit hosted at the school.  The school was established in 1875 and is situated in the Bayside suburb of Brighton, 12 kilometres from the CBD.  Brighton fronts Port Phillip Bay. With almost six kilometres of coastline within Brighton’s suburban boundary, there is a diverse range of attractions and activities for all.

Brighton Primary School is internationally accredited as a member of the Council of International Schools and authorised by the International Baccalaureate (IB) to teach the Primary Years Program.  The school has strong generational ties and is well supported by the School Council and parents.   

The programs of, and teaching in, a school must support and promote the principles and practice of Australian democracy.

Brighton Primary School is committed to the six democratic principles identified in Schedule 4 of the Education and Train Reform Regulations 2017.

These include a commitment to:

  1. Elected government; and
  2. The rule of law; and
  3. Equal rights for all before the law; and
  4. Freedom of religion; and
  5. Freedom of speech and association; and
  6. The values of openness and tolerance.

Classrooms: Brighton Primary School’s design is traditional and has thirty-two classes organised in year levels.  The school has been redeveloped with attention to maintaining the architectural integrity of the two brick Victorian buildings.  Brighton Primary School has a large number of re-locatable buildings.  Generally, they are grouped in year levels to support our collaborative approach to learning and teaching and maximise the student playing space.  The school is fully air-conditioned and all rooms are uniformly furnished to provide a familiar environment for students as they progress across the school.

Specialist Programs & Spaces: Brighton Primary School has a rich, well-resourced Specialist Program.  There are purpose-built Science, Music and Art Rooms and a Gymnasium.  As well, there are literacy and numeracy resource rooms and a large shared learning space in the junior hall.  The Library is centrally located and available to students at lunchtime, as well as class time.  Adjoining it is the Performing Arts Centre, the Italian room and the school canteen.  The school community raised the funds to fit-out these spaces and construct the covered walkway that connects all classrooms and specialist teaching areas.  Our Outside School Hours Care program, BPOSH, is accommodated in the Italian room and the Gym.

Outdoor Spaces: A variety of spacious and shaded areas that are landscaped provide a safe and well-equipped play area for students.  There is a turfed oval and an athletics track, two adventure playgrounds, a fitness circuit and netball and down-ball courts. Below the junior play equipment is the Wonder garden, designed by our students.  It is both a teaching space and a playing area.  The Brighton Primary School community has funded the outdoor equipment and development of the grounds and are maintained by the School Council Facilities Committee and regular working bees.  As well, School Council employs a groundsman and an arbourist.