Additional Language – FRENCH

The additional language taught at Brighton Primary is French. The learning of an additional language gives students the opportunity to gain an understanding of culture through language. It also works toward building a literacy learning community in which languages play a key role.

Our language program leads the students into an awareness of Australia as a multi-lingual and multi-cultural nation. It creates an atmosphere where students will experience another language as an alternative and valid means of communication. When learning another language, it enables students to make comparisons, and enhances their understanding of the grammatical structure and vocabulary of their first language.

The French language program is taught from Prep to Grade 6. Each student receives 1 x 50 minute lesson per week.

Each year students are immersed in the culture and language of French through a Mardi Gras – le carnaval français and Bastille Day celebrations. Students have the opportunity to practise their skills in French through games, songs, quizzes, interactive role-plays and performances. Students are encouraged to use the French they have learned at local French-inspired cafés and restaurants throughout the year.

The French teachers continue to work towards offering students further opportunities to enrich their learning and understanding fo the French language and culture.