The Physical Education Program at Brighton Primary school is aimed at developing fundamental motor skills and involving students as skilled participants in play, games, dance, athletics, gymnastics, aquatics, sport, outdoor education, leisure and recreation.

Swimming is conducted for Grades Prep to 4 as an intensive program and the Grade 5 and 6 students participate in a Life Saving Program by Lifesaving Victoria.
All students have 50 minutes of Physical Education with the PE teacher and another 50 minutes with their class teacher each week.


Prep students participate in the Perceptual Motor Program for the second 50 minutes per week.  This program gives a child experiences in seeing, touching, processing and making judgements through locomotion and is delivered by the PE teacher and requires parent assistance for full implementation.  We invite parents to help with the program, so all of our students can participate fully.

Grade 3-6

Students in Grade 3 – 6 are involved in a comprehensive Friday Sport Program, where they spend 100 minutes with their class teacher or a PE teacher learning a variety of team sports.

Grade 5-6

In Grade 5 and 6 students play summer and winter Interschool team sports against local primary schools. Interschool Sport is sectioned into Summer and Winter Sport. Students are selected to participate in:

  • Summer sports offered are: Softball, Volleyball, Basketball (A), Oztag, Cricket, Netball (B) and Lawn Bowls.
  • Winter sports offered are: Football, Hockey, Soccer, T-Ball, Netball (A), Basketball (B) and Lawn Bowls.

House carnivals are held for swimming, cross country and athletics. Students in Grade 3 – 6 participate in cross country and students in Grades 4- 6 participate in the house swimming and athletics