Music at Brighton is an essential part of the Performing Arts education of children and allows them to develop their skills during a 50-minute lesson each week for one semester.

During their time at Brighton Primary students will engage in a range of scope and sequences, such as music-lola-bridget-chloe-suzie-5c-4Reggae, World Celebration Music, Graphic Scores, Using the musical elements in our performances and many more.  These will give students a deeper understanding of Music composition, performance and aural perception.  Throughout each topic studied pupils will continually enhance their confidence and social skills and enhance their understanding of Music’s influence within the world around them.

The Music program is specifically designed inline with the PYP curriculum whilst also adhering to the Victorian Curriculum standards.  This encourages and allows pupils to inquire into diverse and culturally connected topics.

For those pupils interested in furthering their musical interests there are a range of opportunities for pupils to perform outside of the classroom including whole school assemblies, whole year group singing classes, the school choir, who travel locally to perform, rock band at lunchtimes and a range of whole school shows and concerts throughout the year.